April Showers bring May Home Damage

rain-house-300x199It is a well known saying that “April showers brings may flowers”, but that is not the only thing April showers bring. April showers bring home damage to many caused by substantial amounts of rain. This can easily be prevented by taking the necessary home maintainance into account and replacing or repairing any areas of your home that is in need of attention. Common problem areas include roofs,  gutters and down pipes,  window seals, foundations, and other miscellaneous household cracks. Grand Building encourages that home owners pay close attention to these problem areas  looking for any mold, cracks, material deterioration, holes, clogages,  and .discolouration

Solutions can range from preventative measures to minor repairs to major renovations and construction. The simple fact is that if you stay informed and keep a close on the condition of your home your can save your self a fortune.  Preventative measures can include the addition of something like a  gutter protection systems, minor repairs could include caulking windows, doors, gutter edges, cracks, patching missing roof shingles, and rejuvenating concrete, tiles, and stone. When irreparable damage is caused and complete renovation is needed we recommend you do the work and remember in the future that it pays to keep an eye on you home because April showers bring may home damage.

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