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Your smart home is here

What a time to be alive! Why you ask? Two simple words – home automation. Home automation has certainly come along way over the last few years, and I believe will transform the home of the future. For those that are not familiar with home automation it can be described as the ability to connect [...]

Building an addition to your home in Toronto and the GTA – Costs, process, and approach

The most common mantra and number one rule of real estate is “location, location, location” and for good reason. While most attribute the famous mantra to the financial value of their property there are many other important contributing factors that attract one to purchase a home in a specific location. These factors include school district, [...]

Stand-Alone Garage Revitalization

If you take a drive around the City of Toronto you will noticed that many homes built over the last 100 years or so include a stand-alone garage unit located at the side or the back of the property.  If you take a closer look at these stand-alone structures you will notice that most have [...]

Heated Driveways Toronto: Advanced Radiant Systems

This year we received a record number of inquires from people wanting heated driveways. It is very clear that many fellow Canadians hate shovelling snow as much as I do and dislike dealing with third party snow removal contractors.  Shovelling means early morning in the cold, an extremely labour intensive process, and many just don’t [...]

The Quest for Space and the Open Concept

Many homes in and around the Greater Toronto Area predate the boom in open concept floor plans that gained popular in the 1980’s. Many of these homes were designed with compartmentalization in mind and aimed to add privacy for the occupants and assist with environmental control as HVAC systems where not what they are today. [...]

Heated driveways in Toronto, the GTA, and Southern Ontario

With the average winter snowfall number for Southern Ontario around 107cm annually many homeowners dread those early morning or late evenings where they are forced to clear their walkways and driveways in order to maintain a safe and functional property. The burden of having to dig one’s property out from the white blanket of cold [...]

How clean is your contractor?

The old proverb “cleanliness is godliness” literally parallels the importance of being clean to the ultimate human symbol of power, god.  Now I’m not a religious person, but does being clean really impact our lives to this extent? Humbly I would have to agree and say yes. Cleanliness is purity, cleanliness is organization, and ultimately [...]

Renovation Pricing Uncovered

In this day and age finding a reliable and solid contractor to complete a remodel or renovation can be a very daunting task. The reality is that no independent contractor or contracting company is alike and this can make an apples-to-apples comparison a  unrealistic and non-existent goal.  From the stand point of a contractor this [...]

Back Water Preventer Valve in the City of Toronto/GTA

July 8th, 2013 is a day that many Torontonians and people living in the GTA will not soon forget. A torrential downpour of 100 millimetres of rain according to Environment Canada trounced the previous one-day rainfall record leaving many with out power, crippled commuters, and for many homeowners left their basements a flooded soggy mess. [...]