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Home Renovations

Grand Building and Contracting Limited has been specializing in top to bottom home renovations for the past three decades. This is how we started and this what we continue to do till this very day. We break down home renovations is into three categories. Interior, Exterior, and landscaping/garden. Interior renovations encompass anything that is renovated [...]

New Development

If you have ever had the desire to expand your home by adding an addition Grand Building can help.  Over the years we have encountered many home owners that for one reason or another have to expand their home.  Common situations include home owners liking their location, but needing the extra room for their increasing [...]

Home Repair

Sometimes all that is needed is a simple repair and you can save yourself tons of money and aggravation. At Grand building and Contracting Limited the repair situations we encounter are closely inspected  first to completely ensure that repairs will not just be a short term solution. We pride our company on offering honest and [...]

Gutter Protection Systems

We are the gutter protection solution specialists offering tested and proven products from Canada and the United States which can eliminate all problems associated with having open and exposed gutters such as personal injury, home damage, annoyances, and costly bills. Over the years the most common complaints we have heard from our customers is “I [...]