Home Repair

Sometimes all that is needed is a simple repair and you can save yourself tons of money and aggravation. At Grand building and Contracting Limited the repair situations we encounter are closely inspected  first to completely ensure that repairs will not just be a short term solution. We pride our company on offering honest and professional advice that is in the best interest of the home owner.

Most repair jobs can be completed quickly and effectively in no time.

Some of the repairs we have completed in the past include:

  • Painting
  • Masonry
  • Brickwork
  • Stonework
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Garage doors
  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Caulking various parts of the home, top to bottom
  • Gutters
  • Soffit
  • Venting
  • Drywall

If you need to repair something in your home please do not hesitate to contact us and we will first inspect the problem and offer you the appropriate solutions.

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