Is your home Winterized?

winter_chaletWe’ve compiled a list of things that should be taken into consideration when it comes to your home in the winter time. Some are mandatory while others are voluntary, but all are important to ensure getting you, your family, and your home through the cold winter months.

- Check your furnace and thermostat to ensure that everything is in proper working condition. Change the filter on the furnace and ensure that duct work is clean and free of dust and debris .

-Examine the homes insulation. Both wall and attic insulation are extremely important to temperature regulation.

- Check all exterior windows and doors where cold air may leak in and hot air can escape.

- Inspect your roof, gutters, and downpipes to ensure proper working condition.

- Check the foundation for cracks to avoid weather related damage.

- Install or test fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure safety of all occupants.

- Shut off all exterior water supplies and insulate all exposed piping to ensure that pipes will not freeze and affect the homes entire plumbing system.

- Make sure that all weather related equipment is in proper working condition and is ready for use such as salt/sand/bio-friendly ice melt and shovels/snow blowers.

- Prepare landscape and outdoor areas such as cutting back tree branches that can fall and cause damage as well as sealing driveways, brick patios, and decks.

- Prepare an emergency kit that will include flashlights, candles, matches/lighter, a first aid kit, non perishable foods, bottled water, blankets, and even a backup generator.

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