New Development

If you have ever had the desire to expand your home by adding an addition Grand Building can help.  Over the years we have encountered many home owners that for one reason or another have to expand their home.  Common situations include home owners liking their location, but needing the extra room for their increasing family size, home owners deciding to start working from home, and  even the occasional game room.

Whatever your motive maybe when adding an addition to your home, Grand Building’s highly qualified team of professional engineers, architects, designers, and builders can make your vision a reality.

An addition is very extensive project and we know how crucial and imperative it is for our sales representative to be in close contact with the home owner, ensuring that all details are addressed. Our sales representative will act as the project manager and is responsible that the project runs smoothly, on time and according to budget. We understand the magnitude of the job and it is our passion to deliver the right results that can be enjoyed for years to come.

If you are considering adding an addition to your home please contact us . We always aim to complete the job on schedule, while  adhering to all quality standards.

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