No Vacancy!

In the late fall and throughout the winter time many animals need to seek shelter in order to survive. In southern Ontario some of these animals include squirrels, raccoon, and birds. These animals although cute and sometimes fun to watch can actually carry disease and can be very annoying if they decide to become your tenants.

raccoon-in-atticAs the GTA expands reducing habitat space and wooded areas these creatures are increasingly forced to seek new safe havens in order to survive. In the case of the Raccoon they can be damaging to your home, and even your property leaving trails of garbage and feces. This should be a concern for all home owners, so we have come few tips as to how to keep these animals away from your home:

1) Keep your home secure and repair any damaged areas that allow access to the inside areas.
2) Sprinkle your lawn with soap flakes and water it thoroughly.
3) Light up the area. Raccoon’s do not like being in the limelight. They prefer to forage in the dark.
4) In extreme cases you can utilize motion detection lights and motion detection water sprayers to discourage raccoon from entering your yard.
5) Or Try to deter them by spraying or sprinkling your outside trash storage area with strong smelling odors: ammonia or oil of mustard.


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