The Latest in Walk-in Bathtubs

Walk-in tubs have been around for a number of years, but in recent time they have exponentially grown in popularity. This growth in popularity has been excellent for the walk-in tub as it has resulted in major brands breaking into the market and subsequently redesigning and improving them. Not only have the tubs been given a much sleeker and appealing appearance, but various features have been added to improve comfort, efficiency, ease of use, and even therapeutic benefit.

walk-in-bathtub-300x222For example, American Standard invented the Quick drain system which uses a powerful pump system that allows the user to drain the tub 8 times faster than an ordinary walk-in tub. From a therapeutic stand point water jets have been added to many tubs and even air bubble jets have been added to some models, similar to water jets, but offer a different sensation and therapeutic value. Walk-in tubs are available in many different sizes and require minor electrical and plumbing work. They are highly recommend for elderly or disabled people, or anyone that suffers from arthritis, rheumatism, back aches, sore knees, and aches associated with obesity.

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