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The largest and usually the most complicated renovations are additions and complete remodels. These projects involve proper planning usually with our architectural designers, and depending on the scope of work, may require permitting. Complete remodels or a full gut is an extensive renovation that basically requires removing all interior items, less some lumber, and basically building a new home with new modern layouts, updated services, and any other aesthetic or functional requirements you may desire. Complete remodels have grown in popularity, as many homes in Toronto are very old, in some cases dangerous, and beyond piece meal renovations. Additions have grown tremendously in popularity since real estate values have dramatically increased. Many in the City of Toronto and the GTA love their neighborhoods, and with the cost of moving often being prohibitive, are opting to expand their homes to accommodate growing families and/or evolving lifestyles. The right addition project can add tremendous value to your home. Our professionals have extensive experience dealing with the nuances of an addition project and can help guide you through the process. Let us, at Grand Building, help you with your next addition or complete remodel.

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