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There’s nothing like a balmy summer night, hanging out on your deck, enjoying some good food and beverages surrounded by family and friends. A deck adds additional living space to a home that can be used to create great memories. Whether you decide to go the standard route using pressure treated lumber, the uniquely distinct allure of cedar, or the maintenance free composite or PVC, a deck adds something special to your home. A deck can incorporate many other features such as planters, benches, pergolas, recessed hot tubs, storage spaces, and privacy fences, to name a few, making it a destination for relaxation and purpose.

Fences, while quite mundane, serve some very vital purposes. Lot boundary definition and privacy can be two very important concerns for a homeowner. Fences come in different shapes and forms including pressure treated lumber, cedar, chain linked, and vinyl. Board on board, friendly neighbor, lattice, and horizontal planks or strips can offer the desired style. Likes decks, fences can be stained to add some style, making the property beautiful.

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