Heated Driveways & Walkways

The cutting edge of home luxury in Canada is heated driveways and walkways. Imagine when winter dishes out a snowstorm, instead of getting dressed, grabbing a shovel, and breaking your back shoveling, all you have to do is make sure your system is armed with the push of a button and watch as the embedded snowmelt system leaves your driveway and walkway perfectly clear and dry. There is really nothing like it. At Grand Building we specialize in packaging complete heated driveway and walkway projects from design and layout, to systems installation, to necessary construction, and after-sales support. We leverage our experience to make it easy for our clients to incorporate a snowmelt system into their home. Say goodbye to your snow shovel or your unreliable plowing contractor and enjoy a clear and dry driveway and walkway for years to come. Let us, at Grand Building, help you with your driveway project.

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Heated Driveway & Walkway Projects

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