Is there anybody out there that actually enjoys shoveling snow? I mean waking up earlier than usual only to go out into the frigid morning to perform some lengthy back breaking labour, not fun.

In recent years a solution has emerged in the form of heated driveways, walkways, and porches. Heated driveways can be found in two different type of systems. The best and most popular system is called electric radiant heating systems. This system can be made up of a rugged cable or a durable mat which is installed underneath the surface or in the case of asphalt or concrete can be embedded within that material. The other system is called a hydroinc system, which pumps hot water through pipes. Electric radiant heated systems tend to be more efficient, require less maintenance, and heat surfaces quicker. Hydronic systems are usually slightly more expensive to purchase and install, but the operational costs can be lower, depending on the local fuel rates. Both systems have their advantages; however, the electric systems are gaining popularity due to their price, ease of installation, the uncertain future of fossil fuel costs, and the increase of energy efficient control units. Most heated systems incorporate an automatic sensor that detects inclement weather to activate the system. Aside from all of the downsides to snow shovelling, other benefits include avoiding injury due to slippery surfaces, and having the confidence that your driveway will be cleared, regardless of the weather conditions. Plus you add value to your home, preserve the life of your driveway, and avoiding damage to the bordering landscape from harmful salts and chemicals.

These heat systems are produced by various manufactures and can be installed when any driveway, walkway, or porch is being built or fully renovated.

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